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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to Visit Pakistan on 13 February

The Turkish president will be visiting Pakistan on 13-14 February to attend the sixth round of Pakistan-Turkey High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council (HLSSC). Tayyip Erdogan will make an appearance along with ministers, high-level officials, and private sector businessmen.

During this round of HLSSC, Turkey and Pakistan will sign an agreement to allow dual citizenship to the civilians of both countries.

The sources informed that six working groups have been formulated and the evaluation of the progress of these six working groups will be headed by their respective ministers. Almost 50 to 60 private sector businessmen are going to be the part of HLSSC, however, the government of Pakistan aims to attract the new investors from Turkey.

Pakistan and Turkey will also sign the Strategic Economic Framework (SEF) to replace the Joint Economic Commission (JEC). Turkey has already offered its proposals on the Strategic Economic Framework (SEF) to the government of Pakistan. As Turkey is not willing to give any concession to Pakistan’s textile industry so, it seems a very difficult task to enhance the overall volume of mutual trades between the two countries.  

Turkey has also expressed a keen interest in creating a legal framework for tourism activates, enhanced promotion, marketing of tourism based on international standards. 



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