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The Prices of Food Items to Come Down to a Comfortable Level “Soon”

Prime Minister’s advisor on Finance and Revenue Hafeez Shaikh said the country’s inflation rate will begin to recede early, slowly reaching a comfortable level. The advisor said various initiatives had been taken by the federal government to bring down prices for different products. “The nation will see that soon the prices start falling down”, he added.

Hafeez Sheikh informed that the government didn’t borrow money from the State Bank of Pakistan to control the inflation rate, however, the government minimized the budgets and cut off the unnecessary expenditures.

Speaking at the occasion he remarked, “The prices of food items that of fresh vegetables increased due to seasonal changes and hoped that the prices would come down in days to come.”  “The decision of importing wheat was also taken in a bid to control inflation.” He added.

Due to the rupee-dollar stability and peace in the country, various international investors have shown interest in the opportunities offered by Pakistan. Furthermore, the government had doubled the funding for the Ehsaas programme in collaboration with the IMF.



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