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Total Parco Witnessed a Massive Decline in Sales after Blasphemous Cartoons

French goods are being boycotted worldwide, especially in Islamic countries, such as the Arab states, Turkey and Pakistan, following the reprinting by French Weekly Charlie Hebdo of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) blasphemous caricatures, followed by French President Emmanuel Macron’s Islamophobic remarks.

As a result of this development, sales of Total Parco Pakistan Limited (TPPL) Petrol Pump decreased sharply as fewer customers were seen at the petrol stations owned by a French company.

Ali Khan (name changed to protect identity), a worker at Johar Town Bahoo Fuel Station, told Benefit that after the French president’s reprinting of blasphemous caricatures and Islamophobic voice, petrol and diesel sales at his workplace have seen a sharp decline.

Khan said the management of the Bahoo petrol pump distributes flyers and brochures to inform customers and masses that they denounce the French president and the newspaper involved in the Holy Prophet’s hate speech (PBUH).  He said, “Our filling station is also decorated for the celebration of Rabiul Awwal with lights and flags.”

Massive Reduction in Lubricant Sales

Mubashir Ali (name changed to protect identity), a manager at the Royal filling station at Zahoor Elahi Road, Near Main Market Lahore, in agreement with Khan, told Benefit that oil change and lubricants are one of the major chunks of our revenue (sales), but we have seen a sharp decline in sales of our lubricants since those incidents in France.

He said, “You may confidently assume that our lubricant sales revenues are nearly halved because people are watching the drive to boycott French goods.”

Boycott French Products Campaign

Enormous people around the nation are currently joining the movement to boycott French goods in which they stopped buying French products from supermarkets and also stopped buying Complete Gas Pump petrol and other lubricants, which is also a French business to make the French president understand the mistake and hit the French economy.

Amina Hassan, a marketing manager at Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) said, “We are watching a movement to boycott French goods to give France a taste of its own medicine as this move will certainly have an effect on the French economy that would make them understand that you should not be involved with any religious personality in such a hate speech.”

“I stopped buying petrol and lubricants from Total and began buying petrol and lubricants from petrol pumps from Pakistan State Oil,” she added.

Contract Cancellation with TPPL

The owners of Hamza Filling Station at Nasirabad Dera Ismail Khan Lane, Hussain Ahmad and Muazzam Ahmad, said that we condemn the offensive republication of cartoons along with Islamophobic remarks made days ago by French President Emanuel Macron that are both inhumane and crazy.

“We have therefore cancelled the contract signed with Total Parco Pakistan as an act of protest as we are unable to continue business with a company that belongs to a country in which the dignity and sanctity of our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is continually being attacked,” they said.

Hamza Filling Station owners are not alone; many filling stations that do business with Total Parco Pakistan are considering switching to other business companies as individuals have begun boycotting French goods.

“I have chosen to move to PSO because working with Total is hard for us to survive because people have boycotted using French goods,” they said.



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