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Gas Infrastructure Development Cess Reaches Rs 523.6 Billion

Islamabad-Sectors including fertilizer firms, government power companies, IPPs, K-Electric, generals, gas companies ow Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC) to Rs523.60 billion.

As of June 30th, 2020, the cumulative GIDC exceeded Rs 523.60 billion and pursuant to the Supreme Court Order, the petroleum division provided instructions to gas suppliers to recover the GIDC arrears, official documents available with The Nation show.

Following Pakistan’s Supreme Court rulings collecting GIDC from various sectors, the petroleum division directed various gas suppliers to collect arrears from the fertilizer industry, GENCOs, IPPs, generals, CNG sector, K-Electric. Such industries began receiving GIDC from their customers in 2012, but have not been deposited with the national exchequer.

The gas suppliers include Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, OGDCL House, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, and Mari Gas Company Limited.

According to the documents, Sui Southern Gas Company Limited will receive Rs226.47 billion, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Rs 150.71 billion, Pakistan Petroleum Limited Rs10.24 billion, OGDCL Rs6.84 billion and Mari Gas Company Limited Rs129.31 billion.

The amount of Rs195.93, General Industries Rs50.54 billion, IPPs Rs10.54 billion, KE Rs40.33 billion, Gencos Rs 27.70 billion, CNG sector Rs83 billion, FFC feed Rs24.82 billion, Captive power Rs116 billion, ENGRO Rs2.47 billion, Textile Rs17 billion, Foundation Power Company Dharki Rs2.25 billion and Pakistan Steel Rs2.65 billion are owed to the fertilizer industry.

In June, the GIDC arrears were Rs456.94 billion, but by the end of June 2020 it exceeded Rs 523.60 billion. The GIDC is not yet estimated for the month of July 2020.



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