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Samsung to Set up an Assembly Plant in the Country

The leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung is considering setting up an assembly plant in the country.

Minister for Industries and Productions Hammad Azhar tweeted, “Smartphone production in Pakistan is multiplying following the Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) implementation and Mobile (Device Manufacturing) Policy launched recently.”

He said Samsung Pakistan valued the policies of the government, and is actively considering the establishment of a smartphone assembly plant in the country.

The cabinet approved the Mobile Device Manufacturing Policy in June this year to encourage indigenization through direct local and foreign investment and joint ventures. The strategy aimed at raising mobile prices in the country by localization and by providing tax cuts and opportunities to boost exports.

Presently, 14 smartphone companies are producing handsets in the country, but most of them are 2G-technology feature phones. The mobile strategy, however, still seeks to incentivize smartphone development with 3 G and 4 G technologies.

In addition, the government had also introduced DRIBS in a move towards stopping the smuggling of smartphones and protecting local smartphone manufacturers. Once the program has been introduced the government will ensure that only approved devices are used in the country.



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