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Twitter has Filed a Lawsuit Against The Modi Government

Karnataka: Micro-blogging website Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the Modi government against unwarranted restrictions and refusing to comply with unconstitutional orders.

According to international news agency Reuters, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party had ordered Twitter to remove posts related to the ongoing protests and demonstrations against the Modi government in the country and demanded the closure of the accounts of opposition party leaders.

Against The Modi Government

The Modi government started putting pressure on Twitter with the Kisan Tehreek when a large number of farmers from across the country had reached New Delhi. Twitter was also criticized for exposing government incompetence during the Corona epidemic.
Twitter has filed a case in the Karnataka High Court against the Modi government’s coercion, arguing that the government does not have the authority to issue such orders under the IT Act.

A few months ago, Twitter called the government’s orders a violation of freedom of expression, but at the government’s request, it shut down accounts that spread misinformation and rumors during the peasant movement and the Corona epidemic.

However, another attempt was made to put pressure on Twitter and the Indian Ministry of Technology threatened to take criminal action if the orders were not complied with by July 4, this time on which Twitter approached the court.



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