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Turkey’s Revolution- A Living Example for Pakistan’s Fragile Economy

When it comes to development, many of our intellectuals are not tired of giving examples of Turkey, but how did Turkey get there? No one talks about that.

In 2010, Turkey decided to revolutionize its fate by installing two 4800 MW atomic power plants. For this purpose, Turkey made a three-country consortium with Japan, Germany, and France on a 20-year lease of $ 22 billion.

A total of 9,600 MW of electricity came into its national grid, which is expected to meet with the same frequency for the next fifty years. After fifty years, refueling will be done for the next fifty years. Turkey provided this electricity to its export manufacturing sector at a very modest price. In this tenure, Turkey not only cleared all its debts but also invested more than $ 50 billion to the IMF as a loan.

Airbus Company was ordered to build 300 new passenger updated aircraft and a contract was signed with the United States for the manufacturing of the latest fighter jet F35. Turkey has also acquired the latest air defense SU-500 from Russia.

The Government of Pakistan needs to follow the famous saying “Same try same results, different try, different results.” Mostly, the striving countries are focusing on cheap energy resources whereas, there is an unannounced restriction on making electricity from such resources.

More than 100,000 MW of electricity can be generated by installing electric turbines on Pakistan’s rivers and waterways. An average windmill generates 2 MW electricity with a wind speed of about 40 to 50km. The cost line of Baluchistan is 780 km long where the average wind speed is 60 kilometers per hour all year, there would be a massive electricity generation with the installation of a 5MW windmill.

Surprisingly, Pakistan is not utilizing its natural resources and wasting time and money on expensive assets like diesel and gas. All the power plants are owned by corrupt politicians who are hitting common people with rapidly increased rates of this electricity.

As a Corruption-free system has become the basic necessity of the country so, the government should take strict actions against corrupt politicians, feudalism, and all other possible vulnerabilities.

Turkey has set an example for all other countries; Pakistan needs to take wise and timely decisions and execute them with honesty and integrity.



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