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The Government Reveals Funding Details for Karachi Projects

Minister of Information Shibli Faraz said on Monday that the government had announced Rs 1,100 billion for the Karachi development projects, and Rs 611 billion would be given by the federal government.

Speaking at a conference, he said that the Karachi Transformation Plan would be implemented by Karachi’s Administrator, Corps Commander Karachi and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), because the Sindh government could not be trusted with those funds.

He said Rs 254 billion was earmarked from those funds to clean drains and clear encroachments. The federal government would patronize a project worth Rs 300 billion worth of Karachi Circular Railways, he added.  

“K4 will cost Rs 46 billion and Rs 300 billion for the circular railway,” he said, adding that some projects will be completed in one year, while others in two years.

The Minister for Information said the federal government would work for the welfare and prosperity of the Karachi and Sindh people.

Faraz said Karachi is Pakistan’s economic and commercial center, and the Karachi package has set annual timelines for implementation of the projects. There’s a lack of confidence in the Government of Sindh, he said.

The Information Minister said the Government wants to move forward with consensus and in a peaceful atmosphere for the people of Karachi.

Faraz said both parties should refrain from making reckless comments when an agreement is reached, “in particular the Sindh government should behave more responsibly.”

He said the federal government, despite limited resources, completes these projects and by operating with consensus, does all that is possible for the citizens of Sindh. In reaction to a question, the information minister confirmed categorically that “corrupt elements” would not be granted a “NRO.”

The federal government will provide Rs 254 billion for the reconstruction of River, Nullahs and Storm Water Drains and for the resettlement of affected people, Rs 46 billion for Greater Karachi Water Supply Project (K-IV), Rs 300 billion for Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), and Rs 131 billion for Railway Freight Corridor, Rs 5 billion for Green Line BRT.



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