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SBP Raises Rs. 633.57 billion through T-bills Auction

As per the State Bank of Pakistan, the government raised Rs. 633.57 billion against the target of Rs500 billion through T-bills.

Recently, The SBP organized an auction for the sale of 3-month, 6-month and 12-month Government of Pakistan Market Treasury Bills (MTBs). As a result, SBP received bids approximately over Rs. 1.2 trillion.

Following are the details of the received bids:

  1. Rs. 949.75 billion for 3-month T-bills;
  2. Rs. 61.96 billion for 6-month T-bills;
  3. Rs. 172.36 billion for 12-month T-bills.

Out of the received bids, the federal government raised Rs. 472.13 billion from 3-month bids, Rs. 19.5 billion from 6-month T-bills and Rs. 98.7 billion from 12-month T-bills.

The cut-off yield for 3-month bids was 13.429%, whereas, it was at 13.289 % for 6-month bids, and 13.134% for 12-month.

The State Bank of Pakistan set February 12 for the next auction with the target amount of Rs. 300 billion.



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