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Punjab Government to Launch CDI for the Development of Local Businesses

Various countries in the world have helped their small businesses to overcome hindrances like low productivity, high cost of inputs, limited or no access to foreign markets, finance, and technology. Small companies did thrive through technical interventions at low costs.

The Government of Punjab has recently launched a Punjab Cluster Development Initiative (CDI) to create new opportunities and increasing exports of major manufacturing groups in the province. PCDI aims to provide a competitive environment to increase productivity, enhance quality, and upgrade technology for local businesses.

 CDI project director Tayyaba Kamal said, “The overall objective is to drive productivity and competitiveness of export-focused small-scale manufacturing clusters, build the support infrastructure that underpins collaborative industry activity and address issues like the high cost of doing business, quality and delivery inefficiencies and lack of demand-driven export strategies.”

“The cluster development interventions mainly focus on initiatives that encourage firms and their trade bodies to undertake collective actions to overcome the common challenges they face,” he added.

To refine this initiative, technical assistance from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization will be utilized for the manufacturers of readymade garments, leather footwear products and auto parts in the Lahore and surgical instruments industry in Sialkot.



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