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PTI Government is Pretty Confident about the Passage of Finance Bill

The government on Saturday, vowed to get the budget passed on Monday (today) at all costs from the National Assembly after opposition parties rejected the budget for the new fiscal year 2020-21.

A day before the National Assembly’s crucial vote on the budget, speaking to a presser federal information minister Shibli Faraz along with communications minister Murad Saeed and industry minister Hammad Azhar, minutes after the opposition rejected the budget, said, ‘Opposition will find out on Monday [today] when the budget sails smoothly through the National Assembly.’

“The opposition’s media talk today shows they aren’t serious with the government,” Faraz said.

The minister went on to say that two major political parties [PPP and PML-N] are responsible for the people’s present plight, adding that the opposition has little sympathy or concern with the poor. He said it’s mysterious how people like PML-N’s Nawaz, Shehbaz, Maryam, and Shahid Khaqan mock us, adding that they’ve become addicted to the corruption lure.

The Information Minister said, “The opposition’s delusions will all be wiped clean tomorrow when the budget will be passed with full force.”

He stated that the steadfastness of Prime Minister Imran Khan restored the country and nation’s global identity. He said the opposition lacks sympathy for the country’s weak section.

“The opposition criticized the federal budget for maintaining its previous tradition, we presented a tax free and balanced budget despite financial constraints to provide relief to the public,” he added.

The Communications minister Murad Saeed said the PTI-led government is well aware of the people’s problems and it is working on fast track to provide all the facilities possible.

Two hundred panahgahs (refuges) were built across the country on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s directives to provide shelter for the labor-class.

He said changes are being implemented in different departments and will soon be seeing progress. The governments of Punjab and the KP had given the deserving families with Sehat Insaaf cards.

He asked the Sindh government that in the province where it has invested the amount allocated to alleviate health, education, and poverty.

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