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Prime Minister Announced Corona Relief Fund on Monday

While declaring the PM Corona Relief Fund, Imran Khan informed that State Bank of Pakistan has decided the provision of the loans to the industries that would not be terminating their employees.

In the recent address on the television, he said that the National Bank of Pakistan will open the fund’s account on Tuesday and the creditors would not be asked any questions from the bank. Furthermore, depositors can also seek tax relief.

The Prime Minister stated this initiative aims to transfer money to 12 million recipient people. He also directed the charity organizations to get themselves registered under the Ehsaas Programme so that the government will be able to guide only the authorized organizations.

He emphasized the people taking the precautionary measures by saying, “We can endanger someone’s life by not adopting precautionary measures.”

“We have to fight this war with a strategy according to the conditions of the country, and the biggest question is whether the government would be able to provide food to the people or not, and if we are unable to do so, this lockdown will not be successful,” he added.

As compared to the $2,000 billion package announced by the US, the Pakistani Government has managed to declare a relief package of $8 billion. “I am announcing a ‘tiger force’ for corona relief to overcome weaknesses and shortcomings stemming from the non-availability of resources with the help of civil and military force,” he said.

The Prime Minister said, “Almost 20% of people are around the poverty line and one jolt can push them below the poverty line, so we are talking about eight to nine crore people. If we lockdown and can’t take care of these people, and they have nothing to eat after being unemployed, no lockdown will work.”

 “If anyone thinks lockdown will be successful he or she must not lose sight of the fact this is a disease which does not differentiate between rich and the poor; it doesn’t recognize any social barriers,” he remarked.

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