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Pakistani Beef to Enter Chinese Market

As per the Pakistan Economic Survey 2019-20, more than 8 million rural households have been engaged in livestock production in Pakistan, contributing 35 to 40 percent of their total income.

The Pakistani Food Security and Research Ministry of Food Security and Animal Husbandry Commissioner Khurshid Ahmad said 208 million food animals with milk production exceeding 60 million tons and annual produce amounting to 20 billion eggs.

The China Animal Agriculture Output and the Chinese Movement’s annual output of beef and beef are 10 million tons, said Li Jinghui, deputy general secretary of the China Animal Agriculture Association, and President of the White-feathered Broiler Alliance. This is why tons of imports are millions.” China is a major importer of meat and livestock farming is a major player in Pakistan’s economy, yet the annual trade in meat is very little between the two countries.

The Foot and Mouth Disease Free Zone Agreement was signed by China and Pakistan in 2019. A vaccination programme to address the FMD question is being undertaken by the Pakistani government. Pakistan is therefore expected to move from Phase 2 for the countries for which FMD is reduced to target areas to Stage 3, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

On-site choice of FMD free zone, Shen Jing, Deputy General Manager of QYH Biotech, revealed that he plans to build the FMD free zone either in Baluchistan or in Punjab with China Animal Husbandry Industry as its shareholder.



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