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Hen Made a Unique Record of Laying 31 Eggs in a Day

Almora: A wonderful incident has happened in Basot under Tehsil Bhikiyasain of Almora district. The one who saw and heard it was surprised. Here a chicken fond of eating a peanut and garlic is continuously laying eggs. This hen has surprised everyone by looking at 31 eggs in a day. The special thing is that this chicken does not have any kind of disease and it is completely healthy.

Children bought chickens of chicken for just two hundred rupees

In fact, Girish Chandra Budhani, a resident of Basot in Bhikiyasain, Tehsil of Almora district of Uttarakhand state, is the work of Tour and Travels. Their children had a desire to raise chicken. Meanwhile, his children bought two chickens from somewhere for 200-200 rupees. Girish Chandra says that when these chickens came into the house, they started raising them like their children with great love. He considers him as a member of his family. They have not bought these chickens for any commercial reasons.

The wonderful story of laying eggs started like this:

Girish Chandra Budhan son Pitambar Dutt Budhani said that it has been only three-four months since these chickens have been brought. He often goes out in connection with the work of Tour and Travels. On Sunday, his children informed that one of his hen had laid 05 eggs. When he heard this, he could not believe that his hen laid five eggs together in such a short time. When he came home in the evening, he found that the matter is completely true. Most surprised that it became when she started laying 10- 10 eggs every 10 to 15 minutes. He told that on December 25, when he went out in connection with work, his children kept that chicken in the room with him.

31 eggs were given from 08 am to 10 pm:

Girish Chandra Budhani said that by the time he returned home by 05 pm on Sunday, December 25, his hen was laying eggs for two consecutive consecutive consecards. In this way, by 10 pm, he laid 31 eggs. Seeing this, he was very surprised. Girish Chandra told that he was suspicious of seeing all this that his chicken is not sick, but the vet called him completely healthy. Then he suspected that his hen did not get any upper air. For this, he contacted his father and told him the whole incident. However, there is nothing like this in the investigation.
Does love-dictators and catering increase the potential of chicken:

Now a big question is how all this is possible. How can a hen give 31 eggs in a single day. Only a subject expert scientist can tell about this. Despite this, the thing to see is that this family has raised the chicken like its child. Has given so much dear-love, as someone gives to his children. Apart from this, according to Girish Chandra, his hen is fond of eating peanuts. She eats about 200 grams of peanuts in a day. He brings peanuts from Delhi for both his chickens. In addition to peanuts, garlic is included in the daily diet of hen. It seems that it can be a special food and love of the chicken behind the amazing exploits.

Demand to enter name in Guinness World Records:

All the people of the area, the public representatives are reaching Girish Chandra’s house to see this wonderful chicken. Whoever is watching all this is shocked. Only a hen that takes the normal food of the house has laid so many eggs in a single day. This case has not come to see and hear before. Therefore, people have started demanding to record the name of the chicken of Girish Chandra Budhani of Basot in the Guinness World Records. (IANS)

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