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FBR Finds Rs. 12.8 Billion in a Dry Cleaner’s Bank Account

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has unearthed a suspicious transaction of multibillion rupees from a bank account associated with a dry cleaner in Ghotki, a city in Northern Sindh.

Upon receiving a summon from the revenue watchdog, the dry cleaner named Romesh Kumar was shocked.  He is expected to appear before FBR on October 19, today.

As per details, FBR called Romesh to inquire about the suspicious transaction worth Rs. 12.78 billion from his account. However, he expressed shock and complete ignorance regarding the development, saying he has never opened/operated a bank account.

During the conversation, Romesh revealed that he was previously associated with Sardar Ghulam Muhammad Sugar Mills but left the job a few years ago.

He has been asked to report to the Regional Tax Office of Ghotki on October 19.

Earlier this year, a driver from Jamshoro became an overnight millionaire after a suspicious transaction of Rs. 4.9 million.

Driver, Somaar Channa, was surprised to learn about the large sums of money in his bank account as well.



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