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Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia Has Temporarily Hold off Entry for Umrah

In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, Saudi Arabia has temporarily ceased entry to its premises for Umrah.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, entry is also suspended for those coming from countries with the vulnerability of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Saudi nationals and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) civilians have also been temporarily suspended to travel to and from the Saudi Arab. Furthermore, GGC citizens has strictly forbidden to use national identity cards for traveling purposes.

The SPA report Stated, “the concerned authorities at the entry points to verify from which countries visitors came before their arrival to the kingdom, and apply health precautions to deal with those coming from those countries.”

“The Saudi Ministry affirms the keenness of the kingdom’s government through those authorities to implement the approved international standards and support the efforts of countries and international organizations, especially the World Health Organization, to stop the spread of the virus, control it and eliminate it,” the SPA added.

As per the Saudi Government, these measures are just temporary the kingdom is ready to support the international procedures to minimize the coronavirus outbreak.



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