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Bringing Imran Khan into government was the mistake of General (R) Bajwa: Hafiz HamadUllah

Islamabad: PDM spokesman Hafiz HamadUllah has said that bringing Imran Khan into government was a mistake of General (R) Bajwa.

According to the details, spokesperson Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Hafiz HamadUllah said in his statement that giving extension to General Bajwa was Imran’s fault, both of them did irreparable harm to Pakistan, but these unforgivable mistakes were made. The nation is suffering.

Hafiz Hamdullah said that whoever adopted Imran Khan, filled the political balloon, run 4 years. This was the biggest mistake. Until yesterday, you were not tired of praising General Bajwa. There is no shame, no shame.

Spokeswoman PDM added that father, son and Imran Khan are not on the same page on the case of General Bajwa, Trica explained what is the truth and what is a lie? The father and son should explain Imran Khan in the case of General Bajwa or with Bajwa?

Hafiz Hamdullah has said that Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervez is an expert on playing on both sides of the wicket.



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