Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Actor and model Zarnish Khan shared a video of her lip-synching a song from the Bollywood movie Dilwale and it is going viral on social media. 

“Tukar tukar! 👀” the caption of Zarnish Khan’s viral video on Instagram read. The clip of her lip-synching song Tukur Tukur has thousands of likes from netizens. 

The celebrity has over two million followers on Instagram. She uploads pictures and videos of family and projects’ BTS on the interactive platform.  The celebrity shared pictures of her in a dark blue outfit with a black coat on top of it.

She earned praise for her performances in the hit project with Sun Yaara being one of them.

In the serial, she portrayed the character of Lalarukh aka Lali Mustafa Khan alongside Junaid Khan in the drama. The rest of the cast included Hira Mani, Ghana Ali, Minal Khan, Faris Shafi, Laila Wasti and Samina Ahmed.

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Recently, Zarnish Khan hit out at an online troll for leaving colourist remarks on her latest Instagram picture earlier this week.

Commenting on a picture in which Zarnish Khan is seen wearing a white kurta with white trousers, the user said, “Nice white and white with brown legs.”

The comment did not go down well with her, who responded with a question: “Brown hona guna hai? Jo hein woh na jiyain? Mar jain who? (Is being brown a sin? Should brown people die?”

She went on to urge people to grow up and stop being superficial and shallow, however, wasn’t done yet as she followed her first comment up with another long one.

Zarnish Khan

“On a serious note, rang roop Allah ki dain hai (skin colour, beauty is all Allah’s blessing), we should learn to be grateful,” said Zarnish. She added how people should be grateful to not be among the “real unfortunate people” – those who don’t have food, shelter, or a fully functioning body.

“One thing they do have is a heart filled with gratitude and admiration for the gift that is life. Allah ki banaai har cheez lajawab hai. Husan logon mein ya cheezon mein nai, khud ki nazroon mein hota hai (Every creation of Allah is flawless. Beauty is not in people or things, it is in one’s own eye)” she said.



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