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Why Did The Censor Board Ban The Movie ‘Lafangey’?

KARACHI: Leading Pakistani comedian Salman Sheikh alias Mani has said that there is nothing in the film ‘Lafangey’ that has not been shown before.

The release of the film “Lafangey” was banned in Pakistan yesterday after the censor board claimed it was “inappropriate” for moviegoers. Does not include jokes or meaningful phrases that have not been shown in Pakistani films before.

He said that even politicians in Pakistan often make “nasty” comments on each other, which means that there is nothing in the film that does not conform to current social norms.

The comedian said that the censor board watches the film for about 45 minutes and bans it. Banned releases without being seen.

Commenting on the state of Pakistan’s film industry, Mani said, “Cinema is dying here and some people who want to make films will not do so after this decision and if they do, they will take their films elsewhere.” will go.

“I think it’s just because we thought of releasing the film on Eid when we should have shown it later,” the actor said, adding that the film team would hold a press conference soon.

Remember that ‘Lafangey’ is a horror comedy film whose cast includes Salman Sheikh alias Mani, Sami Khan, Mubeen Gabol, Saleem Meraj and Nazish Jahangir.



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