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Whatsapp Fraud a Retired Teacher Loses Inr2.1 Million

ANNAMAYYA: A retired teacher from Indian state of Andhra Pradesh lost around INR2.1 million from her bank account after she opened a link sent via WhatsApp Fraud from an unknown number.

Varalakshmi, a resident of Annamayya district in Andhra Pradesh, became a victim of cyber fraud after receiving a WhatsApp message from an unknown number, as informed by the area police.

The retired teacher registered a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police after receiving the “money has been deducted” message. According to Varalakshmi, she received the message on WhatsApp with a link attached to it.

She clicked on the link and since then several bank transactions of money withdrawals have been made by some alleged cybercriminals who hacked into her phone.

The cybercriminals withdrew a total of INR2.1 million from her account making some initial deductions of INR20,000, INR40,000 and INR80,000.

After scammers managed to empty her bank account, she contacted the bank and was informed that her account had been compromised and India Rupees 2.1 million was stolen from her account.



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