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Video Of Student Apologizing To Teacher Goes Viral

A video of Boy Student Hugs Kisses his teacher while apologizing to her is going viral across on social media platforms.

The viral video being embraced by the child and apologizing to her for his mistake.

The child was being rebuked by the teacher. In return, he kiss and promises her to never repeat his doings.

The video has millions of views and countless reactions. The social media were dividing over the teacher-student relationship at the moment.

Social media is filled with stories of student-teacher relationship with some being heartwarming and others being horrific.

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A woman from the United States accused a teacher of awarding the disheartening “The Zero Award” to her son.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Patricia Burkley claimed to have felt something was wrong when she picked up her teenage son Bradley from Leake Central Junior High School school. She said her son was crying like he was ashamed.

She saw the award, which read – “The ‘Zero’ Award. “It’s impossible to be me. Don’t try. You’ll never find a solution – and was irate over it.

Bradley, speaking with the media, said he felt sad and he did not want to give it to her.

She raised the matter with the school management.

“I think it was so horrible for him to get this award,” she said. “I’m going to do what I can do for this to never happen again. Not just to Bradley, but any child.”

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