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Veteran Playwright, Academic Shoaib Hashmi Passes Away

LAHORE (Pak Revenue News) – Veteran playwright, actor and academic Shoaib Hashmi Passes Away after a protracted illness in Lahore on Monday. 

Adeel Hashmi confirmed the news of his father’s death. Hashmi has not been well for a long time. 

Shoaib Hashmi obtained Master’s of Arts degree from the Government College, Lahore (now university) and economics degree from the London School of Economics (LSE). He also obtained a theatre degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London. 

He was a teacher at the Government College for many years and was an inspiration for his students as he had a vast knowledge and with which endeared him to everyone he met. 

Besides, he wrote and acted in several plays for the PTV in the 70s. His well-known plays include Akkar Bakkar, Sach Gupp and Taal Matol. 

Shoaib Hashmi also wrote a column Taal Matol for a local publication and had a wide readership. He was honoured with awards by the government. His wife Salima Hashmi is the daughter of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. They have two children, Adeel Hashmi and Mira Hashmi.



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