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The Government’s Focus on IT Exports- Resolves All Economic Issues of the Country

Although there are a lot of business opportunities in the IT sectors yet, there are fewer IT sectors in Pakistan.

As per statics, there are more than 1 million IT graduates in the country.

Pakistan can easily generate a revenue of $10 billion with IT exports, if we filter the capable and talented graduates through NTS and provide them with funds of 1 million for three consecutive years to promote IT though various software houses. With these grants, skillful graduates can build software houses for computer networking. This scheme would be flexible due to profit-based salaries generated by different projects.

 To make this system more refined, the government should put these software houses under the top 10 universities in Pakistan. Similarly, if the government should plan on promoting IT with the inauguration of one hundred thousand software houses every year.

After a continuous struggle of three to four years, there would be substantial progress in the IT exports that the government can initiate one hundred thousand more software houses without any financial support every year.  The employees must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and are registered with FBR’s annual target of one hundred thousand dollars.

This scheme would create a huge number of job opportunities and enhance the country’s economy with total revenue of $150 billion in five years.

As Imran Khan has been the chancellor of Bradford University for nine years, he can easily seek help in this reference from the top IT universities in the world.

The government needs to take steps towards making Pakistan a well-developed IT hub through these initiatives.



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