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Showbiz Actress React to Aamir Liaquat Decision to Exhuming His Body

KARACHI: Senior actresses of  Pakistani showbiz industry Bushra Ansari and Reshma have requested to withdraw the exhumation decision of Aamir Liaquat Hussain in response to the exhumation decision.

Bushra Ansari has reacted to the decision of Amir Liaquat’s postmortem via video on Instagram in which he requested that God have mercy on the children of the deceased and not inflict further pain on them.

Bushra Ansari said, “We are all in a lot of trouble. We spent the last week in grief. The passing away of Amir Liaquat has saddened not only his friends but also his enemies. “They may have left the world anyway, but God forbid that they should be as they are now.”

The actress said, “Everyone says they have mistakes but social media has exposed their mistakes. I think social media is one of the evils mentioned in the Qur’an. Social media destroys people’s lives.” ۔

Talking about the exhumation, Bushra Ansari said, “God forgive him now. The first thing is why anyone would kill Amir Liaquat. He was already dying every day. We were all killing him.”

“I urge the magistrate to set aside this ordinary citizen and listen to his family and children as they are the ones who are most affected at the moment, their children have a lot to see now.” Have mercy on them.
Actress Resham, referring to the decision of exhumation, said that exhumation and postmortem after burial is an ugly act, may Allah Almighty elevate the ranks of Amir Liaquat.

Besides, actress Ashna Shah and well-known news anchor Waseem Badami have also expressed their reaction against the exhumation of Aamir Liaquat and they have condemned it.



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