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Saudi Arab and US Has Suspended the Flights to and from Several Countries

Saudi Arab has temporarily suspended flights with Pakistan and various other countries due to the widespread of Coronavirus.

The state news agency SPA revealed the current number of coronavirus cases in the kingdom which is 45. To prevent further outbreak, Saudi Arab has postponed flights with countries including European Union countries, Swiss Confederation, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Djibouti and Federal Somalia.

Furthermore, Saudi Arab has granted overseas nationals a 72-hour time to return to the kingdom. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is going to bear a huge loss due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus and Saudi Arab’s decision to suspend flight to and from Pakistan.

Donald Trump has also directed the authorities to forbid people from 26 European countries from traveling to the United States for at least one month. The travel order is not applicable to American citizens traveling to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“I am confident that by counting and continuing to take these tough measures, we will significantly reduce the threat to our citizens, and we will ultimately and expeditiously defeat this virus,” Trump said. However, he didn’t mention that Europe was partly to blame for the virus’ spread in the United States. “The European Union failed to take the same precautions and restrict travel from China and other hot spots. As a result, a large number of new clusters in the United States were seeded by travelers from Europe,” he added.

Donald Trump also directed the Small Business Administration to provide investments and liquidity to businesses affected by the virus.



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