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Pakistan’s Future Relies on CPEC: Bajwa

The Chairman of the CPEC Authority and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Information Lt-Gen (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is an international non-political project and that the work to complete it is progressing at a rapid pace.

While talking to a delegation of senior journalists the chairman said, “There is no political hindrance in its way. The project is Pakistan’s future, as well as a tangible reality, and no compromise will be made on it.”

He said Pakistan is taking decisions in its interests and there should be no question that the CPEC project “is in the country’s best interest,” adding that “no external pressure will be accepted.”

Bajwa said that both the routes from Khunjrab to Gwadar have completed the work plan, and the remaining connection routes will be added to the plan in the next few months.

“The second phase of this multibillion-dollar project is crucial for the development of the country and construction work will soon be started,” he added.

Unveiling the projects in CPEC’s second phase, Bajwa said, “Strong focus is on the sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, trade, and science and technology.”

He said the highest priority was to make the economic zones in the four provinces functional and added that Gwadar’s development projects were included in the CPEC’s second phase.

On the attack by the locusts, which is destroying the country’s crops on a large scale, Bajwa said China will set up a pest control center in Pakistan.

“The quality of seeds is being improved to strengthen the crops against infestation,” he added.



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