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Pakistan- the 11th Biggest Arms Importer in the World

According to the recent report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Pakistan is the 11th biggest importer of weapons in the world whereas, India has been ranking 2nd on the list of arms importers in the world for the past five years.

 A senior researcher Siemon T. Wezeman said in the report, “As in previous years, in 2019 India and Pakistan — which are nuclear-armed states — attacked each other using an array of imported major arms.” “Many of the world’s largest arms exporters have supplied these two states for decades, often exporting arms to both sides,” he added.

As per the report by Sweden-based institution, the imports of weaponry by Pakistan and India decreased by 32% in 2010-2014 and so did in 2015-2019 by 39%. The decrease in Pakistan’s imports of arms was due to the United States’ decision to stop military aid to Pakistan.

The report also stated that China is the 5th largest arms importer in the world, accounted for 51% of Pakistan’s arms imports in 2010-2014 and for 73% in 2015-2019.

Pakistan sustained to import weapons from European states in 2015-2019 and also fortified its relations with Turkey with orders for 30 combat helicopters and four frigates in 2018.

Pakistan had a 12% share in Turkish arms imports in 2015-2019 and a 7.5% share in arms imports from Italy over the same period.



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