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Judges Do Not Have Immunity According To Nab Law: Sc

ISLAMABAD (Pak Revenue News) – Justice Mansoor Ali Shah on Wednesday remarked that according to the NAB law, judges do not have immunity, saying that if there is any veil regarding the judges, it is a different matter.

A three-member special bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial, heard the petition of PTI Chairman Imran Khan against the NAB amendments. Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan said, “Is there anybody else who has not been exempted from the NAB law. The decisions of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Tehsil Council have also been exempted.”

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked, “Apparently the officers have been given the freedom to take the decisions of government officials.”

Lawyer Imran Khan, Khawaja Haris said, “In the past, more than eight billion were collected from such decision-makers.
Justice Mansoor Ali Shah inquired, “Whether the recovery was done by government officials. Khawaja Haris replied that there is recovery from those who extort money from government officials.”

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked, “Every government decision benefits some section or the other. It is wrong not to take action against him, now NAB cannot lay hands on any regulatory authority and government company. Through the NAB amendments, the crimes of assets in excess of income and misuse of powers were eliminated.”

Chief Justice remarked that more assets than income is not enough, corruption or dishonesty in assets is also necessary.
The Chief Justice remarked, “You are linking individual benefit with the rights of the society. What will happen if the case goes to other forums? The important question is how the NAB Act is detrimental to the public interest.”

The lawyer replied, “Our objection is on the application of the previous NAB law.”

Later, the Supreme Court adjourned the hearing on PTI’s petition against the recent amendments in the NAB amendments till Monday.



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