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Initiated Criminal Proceedings Against Fake Invoices for Tax Retrieval

Regional Tax Office Karachi has started taking steps against criminals engaged in obtaining sales tax refunds on fake and flying invoices.

Regional Tax Office RTO had exposed a group of fraudsters who were involved in tax fraud on the strength of fake invoices and claimed Rs230 million sales tax refunds. On investigation, it was found that the documented business activity didn’t match with the categories of the products claimed under flying invoices.

 RTO-II Karachi informed Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) with the following units:

  • M/s Oriental Chemical Industries;
  • M/s. Premier Industries/Paramount Industries;
  • M/s. Younus Enterprises/Escort Industries.

The tax office took the following measures the retrieve the loss of revenue: 

  1. FIRs have been lodged against all three accused persons/owners before the special judge (customs and taxation) Karachi and criminal proceedings have been initiated under Section 37A of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.
  2. Names of owners of M/s. Oriental Chemical Industries, M/s. Paramount Industries and M/s. Escort Industries have been sent for Exit Control List (ECL).

The statement released by Regional Tax Office (RTO-II) Karachi said, “Letters to all banks have also been written for getting information about the beneficiary bank accounts, whereby, cheques issued as a result of the generated RPOs were deposited.”



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