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Indian actor’s famous Tiktoker Ayesha’s wedding offer, video viral

Indian actor Faizan Ansari showed my heart to marry Tiktoker Ayesha, a girl who went viral from dance to singing this call. He says he will come to Pakistan soon to get married.

According to Indian media reports, Faizan Ansari said that no power can stop me from marrying Ayesha.Faizan said he was also obtaining a Pakistani visa to marry Ayesha, for which he had also obtained a second passport . They will arrive in Lahore from Mumbai in 2 to 3 days to meet Ayesha.

In an interview with Indian media, Faizan Ansari said that since he has seen Ayesha, he has liked her very much. His meeting with Ayesha is a dream come true.

Faizan Ansari’s plan for marriage

“My plan is to dance together at my wedding,” he said One wedding reception will be held in Lahore and the other in Mumbai, India.

Faizan said Ayesha would definitely come to Mumbai after the wedding. He warned the media that he would definitely attend the wedding, nothing happens if someone is in India or Pakistan.

Remember that Ayesha became famous overnight because of a dance video. Now she has shot for many famous fashion brands as well as tick talk. They are also being offered marriage.



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