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Here’s How You Can Protect Your Data From IPhones Thieves

Some thieves are locking users out of their iPhones permanently by gaining control over their devices, making it impossible for owners to access their data, CNN reported. 

This is done by the iPhone thieves exploiting a security setting, called the recovery key. This restricts the owners from accessing their photos, messages, data and more, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

This also puts the bank accounts data at risk as some of the victims said that they lost money after the thieves gained access to their financial apps.

There are a few steps on how users can protect their data from thieves. 

iPhones Protect the passcode

The first thing users can do is protect their passcode by using Face ID or Touch ID when unlocking their phones in public. This would keep their passcode safe from anyone watching their phones. 

They should set up a hard passcode which would be difficult for thieves to figure out and also change the passcode if they feel like it is at risk. 

Screen time settings

Users have an option which allows guardians to restrict the device’s usage for the kids. Owners can set up a secondary password that would be “required from any user before they could successfully change an Apple ID”. 

If you have this enabled, the thieves would be asked to add that secondary password before changing an Apple ID password.

Back up phone regularly

Users need to backup their iPhones regularly so that data can be recovered if they lose their phones. They should also store important or sensitive photos/data in cloud service.



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