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Government to Gradually Ease Lockdown in the Country

Prime Minister Imran Khan told members of the national and provincial assemblies that the government had decided to progressively ease the lockdown in the coming days.

Imran Khan advised the MNAs and MPAs to play their vital role in providing relief to the people at this time of need as well as to urge the people to take precautionary measures to effectively stop the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking to the lawmakers who joined commissioners’ offices in their respective areas and other locations, the Prime Minister said detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) focused on security measures were prepared for each sector, and public representatives would play an active role in their implementation.

“Keeping in view the ground realities, especially the economic situation of the country and the problems of the common man, the government has decided that the lockdown will be gradually eased in the coming,” Imran Khan informed.

He said the government was doing its utmost to provide the people with every possible relief given the coronavirus situation, adding that despite the difficult circumstances, the government announced an Rs1.25 trillion economic package.

He said that on the basis of accountability and merit the process of providing Rs12,000 to 12.5 million deserving families was being ensured. Furthermore, he added, a special initiative had been initiated to provide relief for workers.

He engaged all elected public officials to ensure that the government’s relief program could easily be used by all the beneficiaries in their constituencies.

“It is very encouraging that people from all walks of life across the country came forward to assist in the efforts and provide relief to the people in the difficult situation created by the pandemic,” Prime Minister said.



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