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Federal Cabinet Approves the Easing of Lockdown from 9 May

The Federal Cabinet has approved the easing of lockdown with certain restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus from 9 May.

Minister of information and Broadcasting told Pak Revenue that the final decision in that regard would be taken in the meeting of the National Command and Control Centre on 6 May.

Shibli Faraz said Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar gave the cabinet a detailed briefing on the circumstances of the coronavirus in the country.

It was claimed that the situation in Pakistan was much better than that of many developing countries.

He said the prime minister and all the members of the cabinet, including ministers, state secretaries, advisors, and special assistants, agreed to contribute their one-month salary to the COVID-19 Relief Fund 2020 for the Prime Minister.

“The gesture was made because of the prevalent situation and difficulties faced by the people,” he added.

The minister said the cabinet was told that their report had been submitted to the Law and Justice Ministry by the Election Reforms Committee.

Imran Khan wished that the election process to be open and impartial and that the masses would also enjoy the confidence.

“The PM said reforming the electoral system was part of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s agenda and it would remain the topmost priority of its government,” he added.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to overhaul the criminal justice system as the unresolved cases continued for decades.

He directed the law and justice minister to finalize the process of reforming the criminal justice system within six months.

The PM has recommended that new technology to reforming the “Thana” tradition should be implemented in police stations.

The meeting was amended with the advent of new technologies, on the conversion of police stations to model police stations.

Shibli Faraz said the cabinet was briefed on the PM’s directives that during the previous government 76 illegal appointments were made at high posts in seven divisions.

The ministries concerned were directed to present reports on those appointments in the next cabinet meeting.

A total of 1,630 decisions were taken in 81 cabinet meetings, of which 1,376 (86%) had been adopted, while 114 decisions (7%) were at the implementation level.

The minister said the cabinet was deliberating on the question of banning the import of products from India, except for life-saving medicines.

The prime minister has guided ensuring that the ban is not violated.

He said the cabinet also permitted to export local hand-made surplus sanitizers to earn foreign exchange.

“Noting that there was a surplus quantity of rice available in the country, the cabinet accorded approval for its export. It also decided to include 61 food and non-food items in PSQCA’s quality control list,” he added.

The cabinet also reviewed the implementation process on its decisions to promote Pakistanis overseas.

The minister said via the Ehsaas Emergency Cash System SAPM on Social Welfare Dr. Sania Nishtar briefed the cabinet on the ongoing phase of financial assistance to disadvantaged segments of society.

It was informed that in addition to 400,000 families as per the data of previous governments, almost 810,000 new ones had been added.

The minister told the media that he had a corona test himself and the result was negative.

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