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Electricity May Go Upto Rs 40 Per Unit : Nepra

After the continuous increase in the value of the dollar against the rupee,Electricity May Go Upto Rs 40 Per Unit the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has given a clear indication that electricity will become more expensive.

The hearing on the request to increase the basic tariff of electricity was held under the chairmanship of Nepra Chairman Tauseef H. Farooqui.

Nepra officials say that the federal government has requested an increase of 3 and a half rupees per unit from July 1, while there is a request for an increase of 3 and a half rupees per unit from August 1 and an increase of 91 paise per unit in the price of electricity for October. Requested to do so.

Officials Power Division said that the federal government will give subsidy of 223 billion rupees to electricity consumers this financial year, electricity will not be expensive for more than 50 percent of small electricity consumers.

Chairman NEPRA said that NEPRA has to approve the tariff, to whom and how much subsidy to give, it is the job of the federal government, NEPRA should not contest any election, NEPRA has to decide on the application.

Consumer Arif Bilwani said that Nepra is only doing the house price, the cabinet has already given approval to increase the price of electricity.

Chairman Nepra Tauseef H. Farooqui said that Nepra had fixed the electricity tariff at 200 rupees per dollar on the exchange and currently the dollar has reached 226 rupees.

Nepra officials said that the depreciation of the rupee could lead to more expensive electricity from the quarterly adjustment, which is currently costing more than Rs 27 per unit of electricity including all taxes. It can go up to 40 rupees.



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