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Digital Tool To Avoid Fraudulent Websites

London: A new tool has been developed to find out the authenticity of a website which will help people to know whether a website is real or fake. This tool will tell Internet users about the legitimacy or forgery of any website by asking for its address and provide a trust score for that website.

The digital tool is located on the website of a security group called Get Safe Online, which works with Cifas, an anti-fraud agency.

Digital Tool To Avoid Fraudulent Websites

An algorithm measures the scores presented based on reports from more than 40 data sources and notorious websites.

These reports are provided by law enforcement, regulators and consumer brands to identify and verify the websites that users visit.

In this website, users enter the website that needs to be verified and the result comes out in seconds.

This website checks for phishing or malware about authenticated websites, checks if any content on this website has been blocked, and looks at its SSL certificate, which explains the security of the websites.



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