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DG ISPR Addresses Press Conference

RAWALPINDI (Pak Revenue News) – Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry is addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi. 

At the outset of the media briefing, Maj-Gen Sharif said the purpose of today’s press conference was to provide “facts” regarding the events of May 9 — when protests erupted across the country following the arrest of PTI Chairman Imran men’s air jordan 1 mid stores best sex toy store best sex toy for women cheap lace front wigs nfl jerseys cheap cheap wigs near me best sex toy jordan 1 sale jordan 1 sale gay sex toys nike air jordan 4 oil green cheap nfl jerseys nike air jordan women’s shoes custom basketball nike air jordan 6

“Ladies and gentlemen, the incident of May 9 is extremely disappointing, condemnable and a black chapter in the history of our country,” he said. “The events of May 9 have proven that what enemies couldn’t do in 76 years, a bunch of miscreants and their facilitators did.”

The DG ISPR went on to say that the incident was “undoubtedly a conspiracy against Pakistan”.

“The investigation held until now has proven that [the events] of May 9 were being planned for the past several months,” he said. “Under this planning, first a conducive environment was created and people were instigated and provoked against the army.

“Then, in this connection, a narrative based on lies and exaggeration was spread on social media inside and outside the country,” Maj-Gen Sharif stated, adding that the authorities had obtained evidence against them.

The DG ISPR said that there was a huge amount of grief and anger among the heirs of martyrs and veterans over the events of May 9.

He highlighted that the Pakistan Army was laying martyrs to rest every day while operations against terrorists were underway. “While the Pakistan Army is giving these sacrifices, on the other hand, unfortunately, filthy propaganda was done on the basis of a false narrative for nefarious political objectives.”

Maj-Gen Sharif said the families of the martyrs were hurt and “they ask all of us today if their loved ones rendered these sacrifices for the nation so that their memorials are disrespected in such a manner”.

“The heirs of the martyrs are asking of all of us, especially the army chief, whether they would be able to protect the honour of the martyred soldiers from these miscreants.”

The DG ISPR stressed that stability in any country was based on the relationship shared by the army and the citizens. He said that several attempts were made in the past to damage this relationship, but the enemies never succeeded in doing so.

During the press conference, Maj-Gen Sharif revealed that the army had completed its process of “self-accountability”, saying that two comprehensive inquiries — led by major generals — were conducted into violent events that took place at army garrisons on May 9.

“After a deliberate accountability process, keeping the requests of in-court of inquiries in view, disciplinary proceedings were initiated against those who failed to keep the security and honour of garrisons, military installations, Jinnah House and General Headquarters intact.

“Three officers, including a lieutenant-general, have been fired. Strict disciplinary proceedings against officers, including three major generals and seven brigadiers, have been completed,” he added.

The DG ISPR said that these penalities showed that accountability in the Pakistan Army was carried out with discrimination.



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