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COVID-19: Prime Minister Imran Khan Announced the Economic Package

The government has allocated Rs. 200 billion for the labor community in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the economic package on Tuesday according to which, the government will give Rs. 100 billion tax refund to businessmen, exporters, and industries. Furthermore, the prices of petroleum products will be reduced by Rs15 per liter.

The main agenda of the government is to provide people with essential healthcare facilities. Prime Minister informed that Rs. 150 billion has been allocated for poor families. He also said that Rs. 3,000 will be provided monthly to families belonging to the poor class for the next four months. For further relief, people can pay utility bills in three installments.

“The government will provide Rs50 billion more to utility stores in the coming months,” he said.

For the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Rs. 25 billion have been reserved for it to deal with the national crisis.

The government is ensuring the availability of food items that’s why transportation has not banned yet. Furthermore, the government has also reduced and removed taxes on selected food items in this critical condition.

While announcing the economic package, he said, “Lockdown in the country began when 21 cases of coronavirus were reported.” “If I am living in Defense, I have a big garden, why would I care about how the poor people will be impacted?” he added.

People are more threatened by panic than the coronavirus pandemic as Pakistan does not have a strong economy like countries in the west.

Imran Khan said that the government is keenly monitoring the current situation and taking several measures to protect the masses in the country. “We will have to prepare volunteers and provide food at doorsteps of the people,” he added.



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