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CIPS Pakistan: Supply Chain Professionals from All around the World Have Gathered in Karachi

Regardless of the rumors in the current economic situation, Supply chain professionals from all around the world, foreign delegates, and representatives from UK, Great Britain, and the United Arab Emirates have gathered in Karachi to add value to the importance of CIPS in Pakistan.

Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is a UK-based organization working for the purchasing and supply professions. CIPS aims to conduct different education and training sessions for their team to improve their performance of thorough assessments.

Furthermore, CIPS organizes various training that includes supply chain professionals from all around the world, foreign delegates, and representatives from the UK, Great Britain, and the United Arab Emirates. Presently, the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply is also conducting a training session in Karachi to promote global standards across Pakistan in all organizations.

Speaking to the Pak Revenue, Mr. Akbar Manzoor Khan said,” The Dreams get fulfilled when the direction, vision and mission are explicit.

Mr. Aftab Khan Country Chair for CIPS Pakistan and Group Head of Supply chain at Packages Limited shared his vision with CIPS MENA Head-Sam Achampong about expanding a global standard in Pakistan also. He was affirm on what he wanted and where he would want to take procurement profession in future.

His first initiative was to build a team of professionals who would help him take his vision forward. Three chapters were formed in three major cities (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad) under the main Branch- CIPS Pakistan Branch.

His team includes following members


Mr. Aftab Khan- Country Chair

Mr. Ammar Abbasi- Vice Chair

Mr. Faisal Mir- Committee Member


Mr. Akber Manzoor Khan -Karachi Lead

Mr. Iqrah Khalid- committee member

Mr. Salman Ahmed Khan- Committee member

Mr. Shafaq Khurram- committee member


Mr. Imran Yousuf – Islamabad Lead

Mr. Shabaz Sultan- Committee member

Mr. Asad ullah Khan- Committee member

With the exceptional support of all members of Pakistan Branch, series of networking sessions was initiated as the next step towards gaining momentum of solidifying grounds of professional and people development.

Three successful events in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi were held with Foreign delegates and representatives from UK- Great Britain and United Arab Emirates come together and added value on the importance of CIPS in Pakistan.

Mr. Athia Khalil- Head of Strategic Solutions in CIPS shared her insights on the corporate award programs offered by CIPS. This program is primarily for companies and organizations that take up this initiative for their employees and get them trained with global standardized knowledge and professional certification.

Mr. Ahsan Sarwar- Country Manager for KSA CIPS presented on the statistics, partnerships and global growth of CIPS and how organizations are considering and realizing importance of have a professional certification to be a procurement professional.

Mr. Aftab Khan- Group Head Packages Limited and CIPS Pakistan Country Chair shared his journey of getting membership and Fellowship by CIPS and why it is imperative to pursue certification. He believes that this certification is a license for procurement and supply chain professionals to perform and work in organizations ethically.

All of the team members have collaboratively brought many professionals from different organizations together at one platform. Communication medium like Linkedin, Facebook and Whatsapp are effectively utilized to have a healthy growth, while where queries are answered by mentors and professionals from across the globe.

A greater support has been extended by Mr. Laxmi Narayan CIPS Congress representative and Northern Emirates branch Chair towards the growth of this profession in Pakistan. He guides, shares his expert knowledge and wisdom while motivating professionals to do more.

Pakistan CIPS branch invites all to join us in this journey to promote global standards across pakistan in all organizations.

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