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ATC Refuses to Grant Physical Remind of Hassan Niazi

Barrister Hassan Niazi, the nephew of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, has been denied physical remand by an anti-terrorism court in Lahore.

The charges against him pertain to resisting force at a police picket, and the court has now sent him on 14-day judicial remand. This comes after Lahore police sought Hassan’s custody, and the Balochistan Home Department issued instructions for him to be handed over to Lahore police.

Hassan Niazi was initially arrested by Islamabad police from outside the Judicial Complex, despite having secured bail. The police officials had cited his resistance at a police picket as the reason for his arrest. Following this, the Karachi police have now arrived at the court to arrest Hassan Niazi.

PTI leader Iftikhar Durrani claimed that SP Nosherwan had ‘abducted’ Hassan from outside the court, despite him being on bail. The case against the former prime minister’s nephew is being closely watched by the Pakistani media and public, given his close association with Imran Khan and the PTI.



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