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Android Users Can Now React To Messages From Iphones

To improve messaging between Android and iPhone, Google is testing their latest feature that will allow the Google Messenger app users to react to SMS from iPhone.

When an iOS user sends a message to Android, they can react to that message with an emoji just like WhatsApp.

The claim was made in a Reddit post shared by a user named u/Janjab345. The user said he noticed that Google Messages now allows to send reactions to iPhone texts, and it sends the iPhone user a text similar to the old x person who liked “text”. So now android can interpret iPhone reactions, but not the other way around.

He added, “I’m glad Google is finally playing hardball with Apple, and hopefully this leads to RCS adoption. Google is finally using the same tactics that Apple has been using for years.”

Earlier, Google didn’t have this functionality; users could not see it as a message reaction. Instead, they used to get a quoted message text. So, with this new implementation, users will see emojis instead of messages. Well, this is a kind of reaction for iOS users that now Android ones would also be able to do the same.

Reacting to messages with an emoji is nothing new. Many messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and Instagram already support this feature. Moreover, this feature was found in the beta build of the messaging app but it is not rolled out to everyone. So let’s wait for it.



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