Monday, May 20, 2024
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24 Suspected Cases of Coronavirus Reported at Bank Alfalah

The Shahdin Manzil branch of Bank Alfalah has been cordoned off due to the 24 suspected cases of coronavirus. Furthermore, all the staff members are directed to isolate themselves and get tested immediately.

The bank didn’t succeed to take necessary precautions and continued to have the routine business dealing with a regular flow of customers at the Shahdin Manzil branch.

Sources told Pak Revenue that despite the restricted working hours announced by the government, the employees were forced to work till 7 pm in Multan.

Several area banks and credit unions are temporarily closing branches and limiting service to drive-thru due to the coronavirus outbreak. Monitoring the current situation, it can be said that satisfactory precautions were not taken to protect the banking staff from the COVID-19 widespread.



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