SBP to Ensure the Availability of Disinfected Cash and ATMs

During the Coronavirus crisis in the country, the State Bank of Pakistan is facilitating the customers with the provision of disinfected cash and the 24/7 availability of ATMs.

As per the recent meeting of SBP Governor Reza Baqir with private bank’s presidents and other officials, “Banks will provide fit, authenticated and disinfected cash. SBP will ensure to clean, disinfect, seal and quarantine all cash being collected from hospitals and clinics and to block the circulation of such cash in the market.”

The SBP is making arrangements to provide the banks with disinfected cash and allow them to issue fresh cash for the customers. Furthermore, the central bank has closed the bank branches where any of the staff members have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

A recent statement released by the SBP said, “In these difficult times the banking industry will provide socially responsible banking services and facilitate their clients in every possible way.”

“Continuous availability of ATMs will be ensured by keeping them up and running 24/7 by the banks. Banks’ call centers and helplines must also be operative 24/7 and timely resolution of the complaints shall be ensured,” the statement added.

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