Coronavirus Exposure: A Life-Threatening Vulnerability to Pakistan

Chinese New Year is considered as a major family festival in china.

Almost all the Chinese working in Pakistan under CEPC and non-CPEC projects have left for China for the celebration of the new year. Soon, these Chinese will be returning after the New Year vacations. The duration of these vacations will start at the end of January and end by the first week of February.

As per health authorities, coronavirus has killed 81 people in China and infected almost 3,000 people which is an alarming situation. Chinese employees in Pakistan may be infected by this virus which can also be transmitted to the resident of Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan should take immediate action under the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Immigration. There must be a strict screening process of all Chinese landing at airports and seaports in Pakistan to avoid exposure of Pakistanis to this virus.

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