Monday, December 25, 2023

How do zodiac signs say "I love you" without words?

Aries will give you a place in their life. They will put an outlet closer to your side of the bed. They will make sure that you have somewhere to put your toothbrush. They know which of their T-shirts you like to sleep in the most.
Taurus is uncompromising. They always want to get their way. But they will adjust to you and will do as you want. Touching is important for Taurus, so there will be a lot of back and leg massage.
Gemini will show you their love by recording their favorite hits of 2003 for you. They love music and books, so they will surely probe your tastes and preferences to find a book or album that you really like.
Cancers are too attached to the people around them. But sometimes it's hard to know if they're just interested in thinking about love, or if they're interested in loving someone for real. They would rather talk about important things with you than with your mother, which indicates the seriousness of the Cancers' intentions.
Virgos pay attention to everything. They will learn absolutely everything about you. They can only tell what mood you're in by your breathing. Impulsivity is not inherent in Virgo, so if they surprise you and lead you somewhere, or if they want to abruptly take your relationship to a new level, then this is how Virgo shows their love.
Lions show their love by putting you first. They will no longer think only about themselves, but will think about the two of you or just about you. They will sacrifice their well-being in order to make you happy.
Libra hates meeting standards. They hate being like everyone else. But if Libra agrees to banal romantic things, then this is a manifestation of love. If they take standard photos with you in photo booths or wear matching clothes between you, it's because they love you.
Sagittarians are real enthusiasts and optimists. They will always see only the good in you. They show their love with a lot of compliments in your direction. Sometimes their compliments are simple, but often this is exactly what you need right now.
Scorpios are passionate as hell. They will drive you crazy with one romantic gesture that will follow another romantic gesture. They will always show that you are the only person in this world. Scorpios are jealous, so by trusting you, they show their love.
Capricorns have to control everything. They consider it their duty to take care of others. They need to be sure that you have everything you need. But sometimes they show their love by giving up that control. They let you take matters into your own hands.
Pisces is very intuitive. They will be very sensitive towards you, so they will know absolutely everything about you. They will show their love for you by showing that they understand you.
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