Pak-UK Trade Relations Should be Strengthen by Taping New Investment Areas

Sheikh Sultan Rehman, Vice President of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Federation of Pakistan (FPCCI) said that trade ties between Pakistan and the United Kingdom should be further improved by taping new investment areas.

Speaking at Business Council’s second zoom meeting, he shed light on the importance of bilateral trade between the two countries. He promised FPCCI will extend full cooperation and facilitation to eliminate obstacles to boosting bilateral trade ties between the two countries.

He indicated Pakistan would need to seek new trade pact or agreement in this regard. Sheikh Muhammad Tariq, Chairman of FPCCI’s Pak-UK Business Council, highlighted the economic results of the UK, which is severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and said that the UK is one of Pakistan’s major trading partners, which has played a key role in Pakistan’s socio-economic development.

He also stated that businessmen from different sectors will be invited to the Round Table Conference, and anomalies along with solution will be addressed. He proposed visiting the UK with a high-profile delegation that was unanimously endorsed by all the members and directors.

Sheik Sultan Rehman, Vice President also endorsed the proposal with a suggestion that the delegation should be comprised of genuine and important businessmen from various sectors of the economy.

In addition, he also underlined the preparation of a detailed action plan before the delegation’s visit to the UK. The participant also proposed engaging in joint ventures between two countries and negotiating post-BREXIT trade agreements with UK.

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