China Provides Pakistan with Additional Aid to Demolish Locusts

The Director of International Cooperation Department and Chinese Agriculture Ministry Sui Pengfei said at a press conference that the aid containing 300,000 liters of pesticides and 50 sets of equipment from China has reached Pakistan, waiting to destroy locust swarms that are evolving into their second generation.

He said, “The second generation of locust swarms is taking shape as forecast by Chinese experts, and it is just the right time to apply pesticides and sprayers that are more suitable for large-area operation to decimate the swarms once and for all.”

On 25th April, the support of 300,000 liters of pesticides and 50 sets of equipment reached in Pakistan, before this on March 9, China had also provided 50,000 liters of Malathion and 14 air-powered high-efficiency remote sprayers.

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has mainly carried out three measures in helping Pakistan. First of all, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture prepared an emergency plan for the prevention and management of disasters in coordination with the Foreign Ministry and China International Development Cooperation Agency.

Under the programme, the ministry sent a delegation of Chinese experts to conduct field surveys in locust-affected areas and establish detailed prevention and control measures for the disaster.

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