Petroleum Products Are Expected to Witness a Decline up to Rs2 per liter

The government is planning to cut the price of petroleum products by up to Rs 2. The new prices will be updated after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approval,

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has sent a summary to the Petroleum Division, requesting that fuel prices be revised for the next fifteen days, beginning April 16.

As per the summary, the regulatory body has proposed an Rs2 reduction in the price of petrol and diesel per liter.

OGRA also recommended that the petroleum levy not be increased for the time being. If the description is accepted, the new petrol price will be Rs108.35/liter, while the diesel price will be Rs111.08/liter.

On March 31, Finance Minister Hammad Azhar declared a reduction in petrol prices of Rs1.50 per liter and a reduction in diesel prices of Rs3 per liter.

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