Pakistani Student Earns Lexus Design Award for Inventing Sewing Machine for Visually-Impaired

Aqsa Ajmal, an industrial design graduate from the NUST School of Art, Design & Architecture (SADA) secured a slot amongst the top 6 global finalists for the Lexus Design Award in January 2020.  

Recently, she has been awarded for being the first Pakistani to achieve the Lexus Design Award in Milan with her innovative project ‘Pursewit,’ a sewing machine for the visually-impaired.

The novelty factors of Pursewit includes:

  • Ergonomic design;
  • Specially-integrated features;
  • User-friendly functions.

Speaking to the media about her achievement she said, “Honestly, I knew very little about industrial design before joining NUST. I explored a few fields and was unsure about which programme to pursue, Initially, I struggled with my grades a lot and at numerous occasions, I considered giving up. But gradually, I found my pace and began to settle. As time progressed and with thorough determination, I found myself constantly vested in various domains of my degree.”

Aqsa Ajmal recalled a friend who lost her eyesight after an awful accident. She expressed her feelings,” I wanted to make her feel valuable, and that inspired me to create a concept which would help generate employment opportunities for her and individuals like her.”

She appreciated the government and other non-profit organizations for investing in various projects to increase employment opportunities in the country.

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