Gallup Survey: 60% Pakistani Businessmen Find the Country Moving in the Wrong Direction

As per Quarterly Business Confidence Survey released by Gallup Pakistan, 60% of businessmen say they are not sure about the direction of the country, whereas 43% of them are hopeful that 2020 will possibly improve their business growth.

The survey was taken by 500 businessmen in the country which includes questions regarding the direction of the country with respect to business perspectives and whether they are hopeful for their business’s growth in the current fascial year.

As per the data collected through the survey, 43% of people said that the year 2020 will bring significant improvement in their businesses, 36% said that this year will be worse, while 16% said that it will be the same.

The government needs to resolve the rising inflation and high taxes issues, 22% of the respondents remarked.

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