FBR Attaches 146 Benami Properties worth Rs. 31 Billion

According to the anti-benami initiative, the Federal Board of Revenue has disclosed 146 benami properties across Pakistan worth Rs. 31 billion.

Director of anti-benami initiative General Dr. Bashir Ullah shared the following details of benami properties with FBR acting chairperson Nausheen Javaid Amjad:

  • Benami Zone-III Karachi attached more than 100 properties worth Rs14 billion;
  • Islamabad Zone 31 benami properties valued Rs16 billion;
  • Lahore Zone attached 14 benami properties worth Rs626 million.

As per the official data, benami zones had completed the investigation into 63 cases and 34 out of them had been filed against the accused. Furthermore, benami zones had identified more than 750 benamidars discovered in different cities:

  • 203 in Karachi;
  • 122 in Lahore;
  • 427 in Islamabad.

Sources informed Pak Revenue that the notifications have been sent to the 257 beneficial owners of the benami properties. Benami zones received the information from the deputy commissioner of all the four provinces before continuing the further investigation.

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